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Peeling treatment. Get rid of dead skin.

A peeling treatment is the way to give your skin new energy and stimulate it to renew itself. Our skin grows from the inside out. New, fresh skin cells are constantly being added on the inside, while the skin on the outside wears off, as it were. Throughout the day we lose dead skin cells, and during washing and showering we remove dead cells from our skin surface more quickly. Many skin problems are related to a disruption of this natural process. Skin cells don’t renew fast enough, or dead skin won’t shed. One solution is peeling.

What is peeling?

‘Peeling’ literally means ’to peel’. Just like you peel a fruit, you manually remove the top layer of your skin. In a peeling treatment, the cosmetic specialist uses cream-like agents that contain certain natural acids. Which one, exactly, depends on the nature of the problem, the condition of the skin and the desired result.

For which skin is a peeling treatment?

Usually a peeling is mainly intended for the face. It is very important to do this in a professional manner, because the skin is a sensitive organ. The trick is to remove just enough skin to have an effect, but not so much that deeper skin layers are damaged. A peeling treatment is therefore always accompanied by a careful examination of your skin. How is the condition? Do you have a thick skin or a very thin skin? Should only the face be treated or – for example with a peeling against acne – does the peeling also affect other parts of the body, such as the back and shoulders?


What is the benefit of a peeling?

There are several reasons to do a peel. At U-Clinic we do both purely cosmetic peelings and treatments with a medical reason. Medical reasons for performing a peel often have to do with acne. The top layer of skin causes blockages of sebaceous glands, which in turn can lead to inflammation. With a peeling treatment we can remove the dead skin so that blockages are solved and the skin can repair itself. Let’s put it simple and it won’t work for all acne types, but sometimes a peel can give excellent results.

cosmetic effect

In addition to a medical reason, a peeling can also have cosmetic benefits. By removing old layers of skin, a younger, fresher skin appears, often with fewer wrinkles. Pigment spots can also be reduced by a peeling treatment. Although there may not be a medical necessity for a cosmetic peeling, the treatment can certainly make the client feel much better!

Peeling treatment with a dermatologist

Just as an optician refers to an ophthalmologist in case of eye diseases, the cosmetic specialists at U-Clinic will always ask the opinion of a dermatologist at the slightest suspicion of a medical problem. The advantage of the peeling treatments at U-Clinic is that a dermatologist is also present within the clinic. In this way we avoid purely symptomatic treatment of skin disorders that require a medical diagnosis and treatment. For more information on this subject, please visit our site at Peelings Treatment .