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Removing down hair on the upper lip

Every now and then a mother comes with her daughter with the request to depilate the girl.

In principle, we are of course there to help our customers. However, we will not always comply with all requests. For example, I recently received a mother with a young girl who was clearly still in puberty and was suffering from down on the upper lip. She wanted us to laser away the disturbing excess hair immediately.

Just wait a little longer

In itself it was not a problem, because the girl had a beautiful white skin and dark hair. Still, I advised mother and child to wait a little longer. Firstly, from a medical-technical point of view. It is of little use to depilate if it is not yet clear how much hair will eventually grow. That bit of down was still easy to epilate or possibly bleach. With laser epilation there was a good chance that hairs would grow again after a few weeks. Girls at this age have new follicles appearing all the time.

Hormones influence excessive hair

In addition, puberty can still bring certain hormonal fluctuations, so that the problem with excess hair could also change on its own. I asked the – rather disappointed – couple to come back in a year or two. If there was indeed too much mustache growth, laser epilation could always be done!