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Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Creating a new person is without a doubt the most beautiful event in the life of a woman (and her partner of course). But even the greatest happiness has its dark sides, because the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth is of course very difficult. In this article we discuss the effects of pregnancy on the development of swollen hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy causes all kinds of changes in the body. For example, there is a strong increase in the progesterone level. This hormone is meant to make the uterine wall more elastic, so that there is enough room for the baby. But it also weakens the artery walls, increasing the risk of varicose veins. In addition, the pressure of the baby on the entire lower body, with the possible development of hemorrhoids.

How do hemorrhoids develop?

Before we delve deeper into the origin of hemorrhoids and pregnancy, let’s first look at the hemorrhoids themselves. Every person has a complete set of hemorrhoids from birth. They are small cavernous bodies, a kind of inflatable cushions that help to close the anus. The hemorrhoids, for example, ensure that you can pass a wind without losing stool. Pretty smart. But when hemorrhoids are put under pressure, they can bulge inside or even outside the anus. And voilà: suddenly the hemorrhoids are not useful cavernous bodies, but an annoying problem.

Why hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

There are several factors that cause hemorrhoids to leave their safe nest during pregnancy and come out squeaking. Like the pregnancy hormones mentioned earlier, in combination with the weight of the child pressing on the cervix and adjacent anus. You can also experience hard stools and constipation during pregnancy. Then you sit on the toilet, with extra pressure on the hemorrhoids. And finally the birth itself. Such a birth with its contractions and contractions puts enormous pressure on the pelvis and everything in between, with the possible recurrence of hemorrhoidal problems.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids In Pregnancy

With external hemorrhoids it is easy: they come out outside the anus and you feel them when wiping. The midwife will also notice these during various examinations. In addition, some blood loss may occur, which you notice when wiping or see in the toilet bowl. If the blood coming out of the anus is bright red, it is fresh and likely from hemorrhoids. With dark red blood in the stool, there may be another, deeper cause. In any case, discuss this with your doctor.

Treatment of hemorrhoids after pregnancy

The good news about hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy is that in most women they go away on their own after a while. The hormone level returns to normal, the artery walls become firmer, the baby no longer presses on the pelvic area and the stool comes easier again. If you continue to suffer from hemorrhoids after pregnancy, treatment may be necessary. You can read all about this on our page Hemorrhoids treatment .