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Sweating in the summer

miraDry treatment against armpit sweat – anti perspiration treatment with microwaves

Going into summer with dry armpits?

miraDry works against armpit sweat.

Everyone loves summer, but for some people the combination of warmth and thin clothing is less pleasant. If, like 3% of all Dutch people, you suffer from hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – you know what we mean. We regularly speak to patients with sweating complaints and we know that heavy sweating under the arms can also cause psychological tension in addition to physical discomfort. Fueled in part by comments from the environment and supposedly harmless jokes about ‘sloshing armpits’. Hyperhidrosis is a physical problem, the symptoms of which – heavy sweating – are unfortunately often interpreted as psychological weakness, nervousness, stress or even anxiety.

Sweat stress in the summer

Not everyone is equally attracted to it, but many people with hyperhidrosis are still working on it in the back of their minds. For example, when purchasing clothing, they take into account the effect of moisture on the fabric. A nice colored cotton blouse or shirt that shows large dark spots under the arms after half an hour, that is not a face. So they prefer to wear loose, white or black outerwear, with a T-shirt underneath to absorb the worst perspiration. And even then they have to change their clothes every day, and it may even be necessary to change the undershirt during the day. And if it is very hot in the summer, it is of course a lot less pleasant to wear several layers of clothing.

A remedy for excessive sweating

We recently had a lady at our office who said she had seriously thought about moving to a cooler country. But she also understood that that was not a solution, because then you will of course continue to sweat excessively. Fortunately, we were able to offer another solution: miraDry. This is a very effective treatment against sweating under the armpits, which reduces the production of perspiration by more than 80% in the average patient! The miraDry device, developed in the United States and medically certified worldwide, offers serious treatment against excessive perspiration, despite its somewhat obnoxious name. The anti-perspirant treatment with miraDry means that our skin therapist switches off the sweat glands under the arms by heating them with radio waves. It is somewhat comparable to laser treatment, but then aimed at effect under the skin, in the sweat glands.

Success factor anti-perspirant treatment

As mentioned, the miraDry treatment is not 100% effective, but an average of 80% reduction is of course quite a lot. The patient really starts to sweat much less and can wear a blouse or shirt without a T-shirt again in the summer. We can even do a second treatment if the first does not have enough effect. Incidentally, it is of course no problem to continue to perspire a little, because everyone sweats when it is hot. That’s very normal. It’s really about treating a serious condition that somehow interferes with a normal social life.

Anti-perspirant treatment nonsense?
You sometimes hear and read comments that a treatment for excessive sweating would be nonsense. That sweating is very natural and that you should not worry about it. These kinds of comments always come from people who have absolutely no idea about the impact of a serious hyperhidrosis condition. It really is more than ‘sweating a little more than average’. We see this every day in our practice. So if you sometimes grudgingly go to a gathering or avoid certain social occasions or outings out of discomfort from excessive perspiration, don’t dwell on it. Contact us via 085 022 0580 or via this page and schedule an appointment. The dermatologist at U-Clinic in Amsterdam will be happy to discuss with you how serious the problem is and what the best solution is in your case.