Goedaardige huidtumoren verwijderen

Benign skin tumors are harmless skin imperfections and often occur in the face, neck, armpits and chest area. The skin therapists at U-Clinic can remove these imperfections by means of coagulation. This is done with a needle that gives current. In this way, the spot is heated and shrivels, after which it falls off on its own. This can take one to two weeks.

If desired, you can anesthetize the skin beforehand at home by means of EMLA cream. This prescription can be written out for you and you can then collect it from your pharmacy.

The following benign skin tumors can be treated with us:

  • Fibroids
  • Dermatosis papulosa nigra
  • Syringomas
  • Sebaceous gland hyperplasias

Prijsindicatie goedaardige huidtumoren

15 min € 45,=
30 min. € 80,=
45 min. € 100,=
60 min. € 120,=

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