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Insurers sometimes have conflicting interests. They want to offer their clients access to the best possible care, but they also have to keep the costs of that care within limits by purchasing critically. Cooperation with U-Clinic serves both interests. Not only do we offer high-quality care, we also do this at the lowest possible cost.

Kleinschaligheid als tweesnijdend scalpel

At U-Clinic, the ‘expensive’ specialists do a lot themselves. From an extensive intake interview and consultation about the treatment plan with the client up to and including aftercare. This seems inefficient, but in practice it has several advantages. This makes the patient feel more at ease. He can tell his story and gains confidence in the attending physician. The specialist develops a better relationship with the patient and is personally responsible for all facets of the treatment. Any errors or complications are directly attributable to the specialist. In practice, all this appears to have positive consequences for the quality of care, especially when measured from the patient’s perspective.

Patiënt related outcome measurement

U-Clinic wants to be a pioneer in the field of healthcare innovation. We are open to new techniques (although they are sometimes not immediately reimbursed) and take the lead when it comes to verifiability and transparency. By very emphatically involving the patient in his treatment plan and giving him full attention, the effectiveness of that treatment increases. An engaged patient feels less pain, experiences more quality and even heals faster! Ultimately, this also reduces costs. In this way, the specialist’s time investment ultimately pays for itself.

20% goedkoper dan het ziekenhuis

We provide the best possible care with committed and motivated employees. We consciously work on quality, hygiene and impeccable care. We continue to innovate in the field of medical technology, management methods and ICT. In the end, we think we can offer healthcare up to 20% cheaper than a ‘normal’ (academic) hospital. This partly depends on the volumes that we can realize. So this is an important task for referrers and insurers.

Kennismaken met U-Clinic

U-Clinic is a relatively new organization that has achieved a lot in a short time. In the coming years, we want to present ourselves more emphatically to insurers in order to convince them of the opportunities we offer their companies and their clients. If you are interested in working with U-Clinic and would like to purchase more care from us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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