miraDry treatment against excessive sweat

Sweaty hands, strong perspiration under the armpits or on the face… it is officially called hyperhidrosis and about 3% of people suffer from it seriously. We can treat excessive perspiration in several ways. We will discuss a suitable approach with you. Special mention deserves our new miraDry device for effective, definitive treatment of excessive underarm sweating. We only perform this treatment in our clinic in Amsterdam.

Hyperhidrosis - a serious perspiration problem

Excessive perspiration is so bad for many people that they feel hindered in their daily functioning. Many of them can only wear clothes for one day and some even have to change into a clean shirt or socks during the day. And someone with continuously sweaty hands has a problem, especially in social and business dealings (shaking hands).

miraDry stops perspiration permanently

We perform the miraDry treatment against axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweat) at our Westerpark location in Amsterdam. The treatment takes place in two sessions, three months apart. After the second treatment you are guaranteed to have permanently dry armpits. The originally American method has of course been approved for use in the Netherlands, but the insurers are not (yet) prepared to reimburse. We are now in negotiations with the companies about this. Also because this outpatient method works excellently and definitively, has no side effects and is also much cheaper than surgery or years of repeat treatments. Benefits for everyone, but especially for patients who sweat excessively under the armpits.

miraDry treatment

The treatment takes about an hour and consists of 4 steps:

  1. The skin around your armpit is marked with a marker and temporary ink. A special grid is created to map the sweat glands.
  2. The dermatologist injects the area to be treated with anesthetic to cause as little discomfort as possible during the treatment.
  3. As soon as the skin is anesthetized, the skin therapist will start the miraDry treatment: the head of the device is placed on the grid with precision. You will then feel that the skin is being sucked in. Then the head is activated and the skin is treated with the energy. This is repeated several times.
  4. After the treatment, the treated area is cleaned and cooled. You can then resume normal activities, but it is recommended not to put too much strain on your arms for a few days.

American patients are excited

For information about miraDry, with many patient experiences, visit miradry.com . The tone is a bit American for our taste, but you can rest assured that this is not just empty talk. Doctor Hans Coveliers of U-Clinic regularly performs sympathectomy surgery as a surgeon in the VU Hospital and is therefore at home in this specialism. Together with you, he will look at your perspiration problem to determine in consultation which treatment is the right one for you.


The intake interview with one of our dermatologists is reimbursed by your insurance, although some insurance companies do charge a (partial) deductible.
The costs for the miraDry treatment at U-Clinic are € 1450. After the first treatment, sweating is reduced by about 80%. If you still want a treatment with the miraDry, this treatment costs € 975.

It is also possible to make a payment arrangement for the miraDry treatment. Please contact us for this.

More information about miraDry

Would you like an appointment at short notice to discuss your perspiration problem with our specialist during an intake interview? Contact our clinic in Amsterdam on 085 022 0580. Are you afraid of the costs but would you like to be kept informed of any reimbursements in the costs? Please also contact us. We would be happy to note your details and notify you as soon as the insurers arrive.

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