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Our Cosmedilight U-Clinic location in Amsterdam is one of the best-known and most reliable hair removal clinics in the Netherlands. The treatment for permanent hair removal takes place under the supervision of a specialized dermatologist (skin doctor).

Hair removal on (psycho)medical indication

For many people, permanent hair removal is primarily a cosmetic choice. Sometimes there is also a psychological reason. Women and girls with facial hair can suffer a lot from this. In addition, body hair can sometimes cause medical complaints. Think of inflammations or cysts due to hair ingrowth in the perineum (sinus pilonidalus), in the armpits or groin (acne inversa, hydradenitis suppurativa). Where necessary, a dermatologist can monitor the intake. As usual at U-Clinic, we take extensive time for this.

How does it work?

At U-Clinic location Cosmedilight we use the Lightsheer Diode laser and the M22 (IPL). Both devices work on the same principle. Visible light with a very high energy is aimed at the skin in a short flash. Part of the light penetrates into the dermis (dermis), where it is absorbed almost exclusively by the dark dye (melanin) of the hair and the hair follicle (the hair follicle). The energy of the absorbed light is converted into heat. In this way, the hair follicle is damaged in such a way that the hair can no longer grow.

The flashes of light only last for part of a second and with each flash we hit a large number of hairs at the same time. This method is therefore fast and we can treat large areas of the body in one session. Depending on the hair color, hair thickness, hair density and your skin color, we choose a specific device.

Suitable for laser treatment?

The laser targets melanin from the hair. Blonde, gray or reddish hair contain little to no melanin and can therefore not be treated. For these hairs we offer another treatment method, Electric epilation .




    Permanent hair removal – the laser treatment

    With permanent hair removal with a Lightsheer Diode laser, we use a special property of light: if someone has white skin and dark hair, the dark dye (melanin) in the hair will absorb the light. The laser light selectively heats the breeding ground of the skin, so that these hairs can no longer grow back. This way we can ‘burn away’ the hair without damaging the skin. Now not everyone has light skin and dark hair. The closer the colors of skin and hair are to each other, the more difficult it is to remove hair with the laser. Depending on the contrast and colors, instead of a laser, we can use special flashbulbs with filters to let through exactly the wavelength of light that only heats the hair. Correctly setting up the equipment requires a lot of knowledge and experience. As one of the first hair removal clinics in the Netherlands, Cosmedilight has that expertise in-house.

    Number of treatments

    Hairs grow in different stages, while only actively growing hairs are sensitive to treatment. That is why several treatments are necessary, with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks, for a clear reduction of the hair. Usually about 75% of the hairs are permanently removed after about 6 treatments.

    Laser hair removal side effects

    One of the principles of U-Clinic – and therefore also of Cosmedilight – is that we are very open about our approach and the possible side effects. The skin is a complex organ and lasers are powerful devices. However, when used professionally, there are almost no side effects. Certainly not in the long term. However, the skin does become red as a result of the treatment and the skin may also locally swell. In rare cases, blisters, scabs or discoloration of the skin develop, which disappear on their own after a long time.

    Guidance from a dermatologist

    Permanent hair removal is a trend, but unfortunately there are few legal rules regarding laser hair removal. Anyone can buy such a device and offer permanent hair removal. But when things go wrong, it does require the specialized expertise of a dermatologist. General practitioners regularly refer their patients with complications after laser hair removal elsewhere. At Cosmedilight, at least one specialized dermatologist can always watch.

    Fees and contact

    Laser hair removal is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance for women with facial hair. The amount depends on the policy conditions. It is best to inquire with your health insurer first. Can’t figure it out? We are happy to help you. Please get in touch with any questions about the treatments. The Cosmedilight team is ready for you. U-Clinic is here for you!

    TIP: More chance of successful treatment? Make sure you prepare yourself well!

    Suffering from eczema? We can help you

    Qualified Skin Therapists

    Our skin therapists are affiliated with the Quality Register for Paramedics and the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists.

    You can look up the registration of our skin therapists via this link:

    Under dermatological supervision

    The special thing about Cosmedilight is that this specialized clinic for skin therapy was set up by dermatologists. A skin specialist is always present to advise the skin therapists if necessary. If the therapist sees a suspicious spot, a dermatologist is often on site to advise.

    Prices and contact

    For the expected costs of your treatment, you can always contact U-Clinic Westerpark via 085 – 022 0580.

    The most common treatments and their prices are listed below. You can also click here for the complete price list .

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