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Quality policy

Satisfaction as a priority

All professionals work at U-Clinic, each one who excels in their specialism. In the medical, logistical or administrative field. But knowledge and technical skills are not the only benchmarks for determining quality in healthcare. The healing and well-being of patients is strongly influenced by the quality of the treatment. A patient who receives sufficient attention will rate the quality of care higher. In fact, a patient who feels heard and understood will feel less pain and discomfort and even heal faster! This is where U-Clinic wants to distinguish itself.

Shaping the process together

Our care process runs in co-creation with the patient. We behave as little directive as possible, outline the possibilities more than we prescribe a treatment, and in this way put the patient in control. In addition, we take an exceptional amount of time with each patient. The first consultation with the specialist can take up to a full hour (in many regular hospitals the protocols are based on 10 minutes) and if the treatment cannot take place immediately on site, the specialist and patient draw up a treatment plan together.

Specialists who choose patients

One of the reasons for a specialist to join our team is precisely the opportunity to really see the patient. As a person, not as the umpteenth ailment that is pushed along the treatment table. Conversely, we also select new colleagues – and not just in the medical specialties – based on their social and communicative qualities. From the receptionist to the accounting department, everyone is continuously aware of the U-Clinic approach, which puts service on a human level at the center. That also means clarity about fees and costs, for example. Good accessibility. Flexibility in opening hours (think of an evening outpatient clinic). And above all: attention to the needs of the patient.

Specialists who choose a specialism

The surgeon in a hospital operates an appendix, retracts a prolapsed bladder and removes varicose veins or hemorrhoids. And so is actually a surgical generalist. The doctors at U-Clinic limit themselves to one condition. This makes them very adept at handling it. An additional advantage of U-Clinic is that the specialist remains involved from intake to aftercare. He or she does not supervise a team of practitioners and nurses, who can point to each other if something goes wrong. The specialist does everything himself, so that it is always completely clear where the responsibility lies. For the specialist himself. And for the client.

The patient determines how we do it

The above statement has a double meaning. The patient has an important say in how we plan and implement treatment. And the patient also determines how we do in terms of quality. U-Clinic works with patient related outcome measurement : continuous research into customer satisfaction. We keep track of what went well, what went wrong, what could be improved, which complications occurred and which complaints there were. Moreover – and this is exceptional – we are very open about the results of this research. We make 100% transparent how we score in the field of quality, both towards the insurers and the patients. Even if the results are disappointing, by the way. Then the doctor himself exposes his buttocks.

Would you like to know more about our quality policy?

Whether you are a patient, insurer or referrer , we are happy to explain to you in more detail how we guarantee the quality of our treatments and the associated process. So feel free to contact us. U-Clinic is here for you!

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