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U-Clinic strives to keep waiting times as short as possible. Below is our list of average waiting times. The actual realized waiting time can turn out differently on an individual level than published. Events or circumstances may arise that increase or decrease the waiting time. The published waiting time is therefore no more than a realistic indication for you of how long you can expect to wait after making an appointment.

If you think the waiting time is too long, you can always contact us or ask your health insurer for waiting list mediation. Your health insurer can support you in this, so that you can be helped more quickly. The maximum acceptable waiting time agreed jointly by care providers and health insurers (the Treeknorm) for access to the outpatient clinic and diagnostics is 4 weeks. The maximum acceptable waiting time for treatment is 7 weeks”. U-Clinic strives to remain below this standard at all times.

Average waiting time on 21-02-2022:
Dermatology U-Clinic Amstelveen: 3 days
Dermatology U-Clinic Westerpark: 3 days
Phlebology U-Clinic Amstelveen: 6 day
Phlebology U-Clinic Bussum: 7 days
Phlebology U-Clinic Veluwe: 5 days
Phlebology U-Clinic Westerpark: 14 days
Proctology U-Clinic Amstelveen: 6 days
Proctology U-Clinic Bussum: 2 days
Proctology U-Clinic Veluwe: 3 days
Proctology U-Clinic Westerpark: 6 days

Waiting times U-Clinic (AGB 22-220400)
Waiting times U-Clinic (AGB 22-220114)

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